Bitcoin DeFi
Trust Minimized

BitScaler realizes the potential of Bitcoin to be the settlement layer for millions of markets, while preserving the core ethos of Bitcoin: Trust Minimization, Financial Sovereignty, & The Freedom to Transact peer to peer.


Freedom arrives one great product at a time.

We’re building the tools for global financial self sovereignty. Our web scale, serverless, peer-to-peer infrastructure and ecosystem of tools financially empower every individual. 

Our Mission is to accelerate the arrival of hyperbitcoinization.

The Portal Path


Our prime directive is to accelerate human flourishing. To elevate our species to the heights we are destined for, using technology as a lever.

We celebrate great technologists and their incredible stories of courage, inspiration and genius


Bitcoin is the preeminent Techno-economic, & cultural force of our lifetimes.

We believe great technology creates great markets


Liberty arrives discretely, one great product at a time.

Build what people need to escape collapsing monetary systems, institutions, and decivilization.


Bitcoin is here to stay

Build the foundational pieces of technology for a self sovereign global economy


Product, Growth & Deep Crypto Expertise

Dr. Chandra Duggirala

Co-founder, CEO

George Burke

Co-founder and Biz Dev

Manoj Duggirala

Co-founder and CTO

Dan Edlebeck


Robin Frey

Head of BD

Abhinav Sinha

Head of AI

Casey Bowman

Bitcoin/Lightning Senior Engineer

Jose Storopoli

Sr. Bitcoin R&D

Sean Gilligan

Sr. Bitcoin R&D

Anand Suresh

Bitcoin Engineer

Alexey Melnichenko

Senior Ethereum/EVM Engineer

Sabir Shaik

Network Design & Modeling

Srishti Chaudhary

Fullstack Developer

Heath Thomas

Compliance Officer

Tanya Sahni

Product Manager

Abbas Lokhandwala

Wallet and Extension Engineer

Farid Azizov

iOS Engineer

Noman Akram

QA Engineer

Pablo Artee

Product Design


We are on a mission to acelerate the adoption of Bitcoin and are rapidly expanding our team. If you share the vision, join the movement!


Strategic partners from around the globe helping to move forward the Portal community.

Partner Spotlight

Founded in 2021, Panda Venture Capital is a research & community driven venture capital focusing on investments in infrastructure, middleware, DeFi and other Web 3.0 applications.

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