A fundamental breakthrough in the history of Bitcoin scaling research, BitScaler finally makes it possible to build applications users want, without compromising the ethos of bitcoin: self sovereignty, and freedom of association.

Bitcoin Scalability Framework

Multi Party Channel Factories

Portal’s MPCh is a new layer that sits between Bitcoin L1 and Payment Channels on Lightning Network. Channel factories are a technique to enhance the scalability and economic efficiency of Bitcoin's Lightning Channels. Portal's implementation of Modified Multi Party Channel factories allows easy formation of liquidity pools for AMM, with multiple payment channels between participants all sharing a single set of parameters with a single on chain transaction. This consolidation of data and cryptographic proofs reduces the on-chain footprint, enabling more efficient use of Bitcoin blockspace and lowers transaction fees.  

Non-Custodial Signing Delegation

Bitcoin's lack of turing completeness means participants in payment channels need to be always available to execute complex scenarios or contracts. Portal's signing delegation solves this in a non-custodial approach by introducing a third layer on top of a sub-channel from MPCh. This layer creates an allocation transaction between Delegators and Delegatee. A Delegatee is always on proxy and acts as a co-signer for LP without being able to take custody of user UTXOs. Delegators can permissionlessly peg-out of the system and take control of their funds on-chain anytime they chose. Combining this with BitScaler primitives enables complex, bridgeless cross chain contracts.  

Programmable Applications

BitScaler is a foundational primitive that enables users to seamlessly integrate other Bitcoin  functionalities such as Discreet Log Contracts, Delegation, Oracles, and Merkle Tree Manager, to construct sophisticated  DeFi applications. For the first time, the creation of Perpetuals, Options, Betting markets, Lending, Borrowing, Issuing Assets etc. becomes feasible on Bitcoin courtesy of BitScaler. Additionally, BitScaler facilitates the scalability of forthcoming protocols like BitVM to encompass multi-party channels, establishing itself as the cornerstone framework for scaling Bitcoin.

Asset Exchange Protocol

By virtue of Portal Network, BitScaler brings asset exchange protocol to every developer building on Bitcoin. Trade between Runes, Ordinals, Taproot Assets, RGB Contracts, ERC20s, Solana, all without using any middleman or synthetics.