Liquidity Router 

Portal Liquidity Router uses Bitscaler based Cross Chain, Layer 2 Atomic Swaps to facilitate fast, cheap cross chain and cross layer transactions. No Bridges or Trust in Custodians Needed!

The Liquidity Hub for Assets built on Bitcoin Layers. Enabling a Thriving Bitcoin Ecosystem.

Trust Minimized

Welcome to the Bridgeless future. Portal Liquidity Router preserves the core tenets of bitcoin: trust minimization and self custody while scaling it to a billion users. Integrating PLR eliminates the need for bridges, wrapping assets or trusting multi-sig custody.

Permissionless Peg Out

Using Portal Liquidity Router provides users of L2s and wrapped coins on other chains a permissionless way to peg out and back into Bitcoin. Say no to the risk of losing your scarcest digital asset , Bitcoin.

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Multi-Party HTLCs

Portal uses multiparty HTLC contracts for seamless aggregation of liquidity and to increase efficiency and liquidity in cross chain exchange pools. Enabling a trust minimized AMM for Bitcoin and other non-fungible assets such as Runes and Ordinals. 

Cross-chain AMM

With specialized AMM contracts on each compatible chain, the logic of maintaining liquidity across different chains is abstracted away into it’s own network, and works fast, and with high efficiency.


Portal DEX V1 is relayer based and automatically matches buy/sell swap orders and swaps happen instantaneously.

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