Swap SDK

A simple, seamless way to build Portal DEX functionality into your Dapp.

Develop for any chain or virtual machine. Access liquidity everywhere

Dapps and Wallet builders

Simply give your users the unique value proposition of a seamless cross chain DEX. No need to constrain existing or future functionality.

Add Bitcoin to your Web3 Dapp

Staking? Liquid Staking Derivatives? Whatever your DeFi or Web3 platform, connect the liquidity and security of Bitcoin, easily.

Access Liquidity

With the largest market cap and the highest liquidity of any decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin cannot be ignored when building your Dapp or Web3 application.

Drag and Drop Integration

Built by developers for developers. Our SDK integration is simple and seamless. Our Dev environment is built using NixOS to make it effortless to test your integration locally without spending hours on node integrations.

Extend and Innovate

Extend your DApp functionality with all the innovations that happen on other chains. Securely, without spending months of valuable developer time.